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 This is not an artificial or automated valuation model (AVM). We are replacing the CMA and Appraisal report process with faster, accurate and more reliable results. CREX Agent is preparing to transform the future of real estate! 


Data and calculations are specific to your market and property

CREX Agent uses local professionals to aggregate opinion driven data and calculations that are specific to each market. 


No need to develop any written report. All valuation and pricing estimates are completely reproducible

 No more time wasted developing your list price strategy in a CMA format. CREX Agent is capable of displaying the correct market sales and listings on screen while your clients are with you. Even if you are unsure of the best comparables, our system will guide you to them no matter how unique the house is.


CREX Agent

New cutting edge technology that will replace the CMA and appraisal. The most accurate, proven home estimate generated in just minutes. Pricing made so simple to understand that your clients will look for it first. 



PATENT PENDING: US, Canada, UK, India, Europe 

CREX Agent is a real estate/financial tech company that provides real estate valuation at the speed of an AVM, with a higher degree of reliability than an appraisal. Our platform  is NOT an AVM. Yet our patent pending methods are designed for that type of simplicity. Anyone in the business of pricing and valuation for a real estate transaction will be able to develop an unlimited number of reports for a low monthly subscription. We have been working on the problem for years, and our solution, which includes professional opinion, is the best available.


Efficiency is a necessity. The public needs the professional to make an immediate, educated estimate. Regulators need the professional to prove every step in the analysis regardless of the time it takes. We have the solution that bridges this gap. While AVMs try to eliminate professional analysis, the general public and institutional lenders have little faith in those results. Valuation guided by local professional opinion is the CREX Agent solution. 

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