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 Having been in real estate since the late 80’s, we’ve seen the impact of the internet on real estate followed by the even bigger impact of AVMs. Outside companies took advantage of the marketing opportunities available, capitalizing on the contact information for customers searching for real estate answers. Now the first contact many agents have with a prospective seller occurs only after the agent has paid for that lead. CREX Agent is designed to change this process. In the very near future, the first contact will not come from an outside lead. It will come from your own website because that’s where they found the CREX Agent platform. 

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Fast, reliable and reproducible results mean you don't need to set up a second listing appointment. No report writing, no delay, no uncertainty.

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In real estate, you see something new every day. It's not always easy to give advice when the house is like nothing you've seen before. With CREX Agent, you can collaborate.